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By admin, 2018-12-02

Dear Family:

For the past 20 years, has served as beacon of light in the community, with its #1 Goal, to spread the Gospel worldwide.  The services that has provided via its new platform enable Artists, Ministries, Labels and Members to reach the masses at $0.00 24/7. No other platform has done this, asking nothing for return for so long and to date: has never received a donation or even an offer of donation from any of its members but nevertheless has stayed consistently online for the community serving millions of visitors as the #1 and largest indie Gospel music portal on the planet with over 4000 members.

I am writing today to ask each of you to consider donating to any amount that you feel like donation $1.00 or more is fine, as any amount is better than $0.00. These funds will be used for operating expenses (which run in thousands of dollars), and any excess funds will go to marketing and promotions for 2019 and beyond. 

To donate, please click the following link on homepage (Donate); or click/copy/paste the link below in your web-browser and again no donation is too small and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

Donate Paypal Link: url

or go homepage and click Donate button on homepage.

All donors will gain 'Featured' Artists Status on the home-page of the site as well as e-blasts and be designated as 'Platinum' in a Press Release and Article posted on site (featuring Artist, Member, Label, Ministry) and your profile will continue to have unlimited access, ability to sell your music online, blogs, video, etc., etc. These same features on any other site would run anywhere from $50 to $100 per year, but presently on, the fee is $0.00.

Thank you for your consideration. 

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas,

Richard Cox, General Manager

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October 24, 2018 - Atlanta/Nashville - Powerful Street Minister of The Gospel ("Brotha Dre"), powered by 3HMobile, Capitol Christian Music Group (CCMG), a division of Capitol Music Group and wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Music Group, continues to gain momentum in 2018 with a pipeline of Hit Music Releases, with more on the way.

Brotha Dre Music Releases Powered by CCMG and 3HMobile (to access, on your favorite listening device, please click/copy/paste music links listed below):

1. Losing My Mind (Available Digital Stores Worldwide at):

2. God vs Man (Available Digital Stores Worldwide at):

3. L4DK (Available Digital Stores Worldwide at) :

4. Pray (Available Digital Stores Worldwide at):

5. Worthy (Available Digital Stores Worldwide at):

6. Whippin (Available Digital Stores Worldwide at):

Upcoming Music Releases by Brotha Dre:
1. Chosen – Scheduled for 11/9

2. Black Sheep – Scheduled for 11/9

About 3HMobile: 3HMobile specializes in inspirational social media, music and entertainment, leveraging a proprietary digital member subscriber network of aficionados of street ministry, radio and internet platforms, growing virally (via word-of-mouth) at a rapid rate For more information on rising independent Ministers of the Gospel visit:

About Capitol Christian Music Group Capitol Christian Music Group (CCMG) is the world's leading Christian Music company and market leader in recorded music and music publishing. Capitol Christian Music Group operates several divisions, including CCMG Label Group (Sparrow Records, ForeFront Records, sixstepsrecords, Hillsong, Jesus Culture), Motown Gospel and CCMG Publishing (including Brentwood-Benson Music Publications). CCMG owned labels are home to artists Chris Tomlin, Amy Grant, TobyMac, Tasha Cobbs, Jeremy Camp, Hillsong United, Matt Redman, Mandisa, Tye Tribbett, Crowder, Passion Band, Karl Jobe and many others. Capitol CMG Publishing, in addition to publishing most of the CCMG labels' premier artist/writers, represents many of the leading writers in Christian/Gospel including Ben Glover, David Garcia, Kirk Franklin, Mark Hall, Brenton Brown and many more. Key Distribution partners include The Gaither Music Group, Centricity Records, Marantha Music, InPop Records, Worthy Book Publishing and Cinedigm Entertainment. Led by Chairman & CEO Peter York and a strong executive team of long-time Christian and Gospel music veterans, Capitol Christian Music Group is characterized by a passionate commitment to their artists, songwriters, customers, business partners, and one another, as well as a strong spirit of community service. CCMG is a division of Capitol Music Group (CMG), led by Chairman and CEO Steve Barnett, which is a wholly owned division within Universal Music Group (UMG), the global music leader with strong market positions in recorded music, music publishing, and merchandising.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook warns your data is 'being weaponized' against you

Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling for the U.S. and countries around the world to enhance their privacy protections for consumers, warning that failing to do so could prove destructive.

“Today [the private information] trade has exploded into a data industrial complex. Our own information, from the everyday to the deeply personal, is being weaponized against us with military efficiency,” Cook said at a conference in Brussels on data privacy Wednesday.

While lauding countries such as those in the European Union for implementing stricter privacy regulation throughout recent years – including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Cook specifically called out the U.S. for not doing enough. He said Apple supports the implementation of comprehensive federal privacy laws across the globe that minimize data collection, let users know what data is being collected, allow users to access that data and keep all of their information secure.

Cook went on to say that opposing privacy regulation “isn’t just wrong, it is destructive.”

As companies collect more and more data, he warns, businesses may have a fuller profile of an individual than the individual even has of herself.

“We shouldn’t sugarcoat the consequences. This is surveillance,” he said. “This should make us very uncomfortable. It should unsettle us.”

This year, technology companies have come under scrutiny for failing to safeguard users. Earlier this year, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were called to testify on Capitol Hill regarding ways they planned to secure their platforms against rogue actors attempting to unduly influence users – particularly ahead of the midterm elections. It was revealed that a collection of Russian hackers gained access to Facebook’s platforms in an attempt to interfere in the U.S. presidential election.

Further, more than 80 million Facebook users were notified earlier this year that their data was wrongly accessed by Cambridge Analytica.

While Cook did not mention any of his Silicon Valley rivals by name, he noted many in the tech world would say stricter privacy regulation would prevent businesses from reaching their true potential.

In California, lawmakers are looking to advance data regulations similar to the GDPR in the European Union by 2020. The  GDPR  is an effort to transfer more control over personal data, like addresses and phone numbers, from large companies back to individuals, affecting how companies obtain, use, store and secure data.

Executives from Google and Facebook were set to address the same conference in Brussels later on Wednesday. When contacted by FOX Business, Google pointed to a blog post on privacy published last month.

Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan said at the conference she would also support legislation similar to the GDPR, as reported by The FInancial Times. A spokesperson for the company reiterated Egan's sentiments that she supports "strong and effective privacy legislation."

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Top 250 Holy Hip Hop Songs

By admin, 2018-04-26


Los Angeles/Atlanta/New York (April 26, 2018) – announced its Official List of Top 250 Holy Hip Hop Songs, From Ministers of the Gospel over the past 20+ years (1996-2018), that are enlightening the community, changing the paradigm and steadily elevating the Holy Hip Hop Genre of music ministry (a/k/a - christian hip hop, hip hop gospel, gospel hip hop, gospel rap, christian rap, hip hop ministry) to higher ground worldwide in furtherance of the global movement/mission to Take The Gospel To The Streets, as follows:


  1. I Am That I Am - Cross Movement

  2. It Don't Stop - Mr. Del

  3. Hallelujah All Day - Datin

  4. Preacher Man - Canton Jones

  5. Resistance Iz Futile - Corey Red & Precise

  6. Cost of Blood – Sincere Israel

  7. Favor – Ambassador

  8. OhKay - K-Drama

  9. Few Are Chosen - Lil Raskull

  10. Not Soft - Cash Hollistah

  11. Call Em Out - Dre Marshall

  12. Passion - R. Swift

  13. King - Bravo

  14. Motivation - This'l

  15. Give Yo Life – Pettidee

  16. FireProof - F.T.F.

  17. Solar-Powered - Brinson

  18. P31 – Murk

  19. Changed - Hansoul

  20. In The Air - 2Edge

  21. Hip-Hop Music - Phanatik

  22. Fall - Sevin

  23. Righteous - Fro

  24. Die Daily - Sean Slaughter

  25. Tell The World - Lecrae

  26. I'm A Christian - Bizzle

  27. Head Up High - Rawsrvnt

  28. I'll Be Good - Gospel Gangstaz

  29. Fired Up - Infamous

  30. Reach - WayneJTM

  31. My Lane - Dre Murray

  32. All The Way - The Watchman

  33. Out of Here - Garett Lee

  34. Let Me In - Zion

  35. Why Can't They Hear Me - KNINE

  36. 4-U - K-Love

  37. Feel Good Music - Minister Blak

  38. Virtuous Woman - Tragedy

  39. Wait - State

  40. Where My Christians At - Dice Gamble

  41. Jumpin - Derek Minor

  42. Dear Slim - KJ-52

  43. Blowin Up - Hallel P

  44. Round Em Up - Canon

  45. Get Live (He Alive) - Fedel

  46. Way Up - Tedashii

  47. I Ain't Runnin - Desciple

  48. That's What You Are - D. Reed

  49. Rockstar - Cheno Lyfe

  50. Worthy - Brother Dre

  51. So Blessed - J. Kwest

  52. Out Tha Box - Easop

  53. Dont Be Mad - BB-Jay

  54. Y U Runnin - XROSS

  55. Until I Pass Out - Uncle Reece

  56. Holy Ghost Fire - T-Haddy

  57. Praise Him - Shei Atkins

  58. 1234 - JD Eyebrows

  59. HodgePodge - Kambino

  60. Young, Fly & Saved – M3

  61. In Da Streetz - 2Five

  62. National Anthem - Mark J

  63. Turn This Up - T-Bone

  64. Work It Out - Erica Mason

  65. Lets Go - D-M.A.U.B.

  66. All I Have – NF

  67. The Gaze - Proverb Newsome

  68. Come On - Breeve Eazy

  69. Let It Glow - TP9

  70. Poison - Double

  71. Salute - True

  72. Champion - Warriors of The Cross

  73. Rock – Ty Scott

  74. Belongs To You - Damion Orlando

  75. Grace and Mercy - Swisaboi

  76. Choose This Day - Todd Tense

  77. Backslider - Sandor

  78. Stop Playin - Tre-9

  79. Rep Christ Yal - Doulos

  80. Set Us On Fire - Tawanna Ross

  81. The King – Brother Mario

  82. Rollin - NAK Daniels

  83. Tap In – Zelus

  84. Let's Get It - 1KPhew

  85. Tuff - J.A.Z.

  86. Party - Dfizzle Mayne

  87. Repent Or Perish - Obadiah-1

  88. I Believe – Holy Hot Boyz

  89. The Warning – Bari Tunstill

  90. Finally Here - Chozen

  91. Unorthodox - Urban D

  92. Sweet Victory - Trip Lee

  93. Real Love - Buckbarnabas

  94. Clarion Call – Army of the Lord Champions

  95. Dive – Social Club Misfits

  96. Church Gone Wild - Future Kid

  97. Elder Road - S.O.

  98. I Believe – KB

  99. Get It Str8 - Lil Dre

  100. Hope - Da Truth

  101. Rapid Fire - Keep The Word

  102. Lev. 11:45 – C.Micah

  103. Do What It Do - Richie Righteous

  104. Passing Blessings - Keylin Santana

  105. You Can't Stop Me – Andy Mineo

  106. Illusions - Choze

  107. I'm In The Streets - Japhia Life

  108. Snap Bounce - The Clergy

  109. Big Tymin - Scooda

  110. 100Ms - Chris Elijah

  111. Eternity – Brandi Booth

  112. Forever - Rio24K

  113. Pray - LANDR

  114. Ravens - Least of All (L.O.A.)

  115. SWRVN - CJ King

  116. So What - Suzy Rock

  117. In Satan's Name - Bruthaz Grimm

  118. All Inclusive 2Nite - STIKK

  119. Boogie Bounce - Shonlock

  120. Holy Water (H20) - M.A.J.O.R.S.

  121. How U Doin - Nue Breed

  122. Swerve - K-Lee

  123. Going To The Top Now - HEE-Sun Lee

  124. For My City - J.A.M. Team

  125. Good or Great - Jai Dowdy

  126. Highest Praise - RevDeep

  127. Hood Like Keyshia Cole - Metroclus

  128. I For Jesus - Wingy Danejah

  129. The Dead Living - JohnThreeSixteen

  130. Changez - Tha GIM

  131. Handle It - Lil Maurice

  132. On My Behalf - Mario Mitchell

  133. Who U Seekn - Hevn Li Angel

  134. Hey! Hey! - Martay

  135. Who Is God - Mobsters of Light

  136. Can I Get An Ay - Willie Will

  137. Club Blazer - The Preachaholicz

  138. Raw and Uncut - Ziklag

  139. Ten - Zeno Suave

  140. March - Jirah

  141. Christ Crucified - Shai Linne

  142. God's Gift - Eastwood

  143. Problems - Yaves

  144. Reflections - O' Dion

  145. Blaow! – FireJaws

  146. All The Time - Swoope

  147. Divine Touch - Quinton Harris

  148. HelpMate - Markilo Allen

  149. Christ - Shadow

  150. Sick of My Flesh - TonyWhoa!

  151. Give It To You - Andre Achat

  152. God Is Love - Big Prophet

  153. Mobigga – Crunk In Da Church House

  154. No Greater Love - The Spiritual Lyricist

  155. Loose - LaToria

  156. Shake N Bake - 2.0

  157. Protected – Dale J. Evans

  158. Wave Dem Towels – DJ Intangibles

  159. Provision – Fight

  160. Hello – Blessed

  161. Soul At War – Fatal J/Young Lions

  162. Iron Man – JustFlo

  163. We Need A Savior – RiverFlow

  164. Stay Focused – Dking

  165. Sho Baraka - Marantha

  166. Fear Not - Theory Hazit

  167. I'm Alive – Authentik

  168. Witness– Preacherman

  169. Hold On – 7Tre

  170. Still Radical – W.A.R. Klick

  171. 5 O' Clock - Sean C. Johnson

  172. Up Yonda - Rook

  173. Shine – The Priesthood

  174. This Is Me – Dynamic Twins

  175. U Don't Wanna – C.O.R.P. 1

  176. Temptation – Da Horsemen

  177. I Will Survive – B.L.I.N.D

  178. Thinkin Out Loud - Parabols

  179. All 4 U – iGorilla4MyLord

  180. Passing Us By – Kingsta

  181. GodBlessha – Milliyon

  182. Jesus On My Mind – Da Church

  183. One GOD – 2103

  184. Unusual - Sicily

  185. Criticize Me – Big City

  186. The Blood – Big Unc

  187. Grind N Pray – Bishop Bee

  188. A New Song – Brutha 2 Brutha

  189. Waves - Pyrexx

  190. Something About – GL Hodges

  191. I'll Go – Blazon

  192. Lift My Handz – Crystal Cameron

  193. Dedicate – Chris Fields

  194. Mr. 217 – Move Dat Mountain

  195. Let It Go – Eckspress/Tribs

  196. He Did It Again – Flame

  197. Set Free – IC Jonez

  198. Holy Rollers – Infinity

  199. Focus – Izreal

  200. Throw Em Off – JayMay

  201. Get Crunk – JCS

  202. 66 Guns – D.O.X.

  203. Come Go With Me – Jita

  204. 84 Pills – Kaleb Starr

  205. Fool Wit It - Big Moose

  206. I'm a Rida – Legions of Souls/TCO

  207. Studda – Odessi

  208. Keep Pressin On – Lil La La

  209. Dat Holy Girl – Lunie 3:80

  210. Preacher Man - Charmaine

  211. Brand New Me – MC Jin

  212. The Realness – N'aeem

  213. Reign - Newt Newt

  214. Sexual Immorality – Noah

  215. Dead Man Walkin – Nuwine

  216. Glory To God – EmceeN.I.C.E

  217. Just Can't Stop – Leslie Shannelle

  218. Changed – Princess

  219. Life or Death – Prime Minister

  220. Crazie – Rio

  221. Keep Goin – Boy Wonda

  222. Jesus Everyday – S.O.G.

  223. Trust On Me – Tabsoul

  224. Eyes of the Lord – Te Luvv

  225. Kill Yourself – Antonious

  226. Significance - Elle Roc

  227. Worship You – True-In-Deed

  228. Devil's Lies – TwinSaintz

  229. Rep Yahweh – Xstatic (Kuntry Wyte & Pyro)

  230. Hittin Dem Streets – Young Prayzr

  231. You Are My Help – Baby J

  232. I Testify – We Are The Saints

  233. Sovereign King – Deborah

  234. Count Your Blessings – K-Praize

  235. Choose Side - FFOR

  236. Cant Get Enough - Fiti Futuristic

  237. Imma Still – Triumph Warlord

  238. Get It Right – Eryk Anglin

  239. He Is Alive - Shamel Shiloh

  240. Who You Representin - IROCC

  241. Lay My Voice On You – Man On Fire

  242. A Call For Response – King David (Tha Vessel)

  243. Brody Raw - Pressure

  244. Fightin Demons – D. Hunter

  245. No Games – Child of Zion

  246. Faith On Swoll - Echo

  247. Show Off – Jesus Or Bust

  248. What It Iz – Octavia Harris

  249. Make It Rain – BdKold

  250. Anonymous – The Walking Dead

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Holy Hip Hop Top 10

By admin, 2018-04-12

Holy Hip Hop Top 10 Most Requested Songs


LOS ANGELES, CA (April 10, 2018) – Holy Hip Hop Mobile announced its Top 10 requested songs from its digital subscriber base, as follows:

Rank Artist Song
1 Keylin Santana
Passing Blessings
2 Murk
3 Canon
Round Em Up
4 Bravo King
5 TP9
Let It Glow
6 Erica Mason Work It Out
7 Tedashaii
Jumped Out The Whip
8 Brother Dre Worthy
9 Zeno Suave Ten
10 Future Kid Church Gone Wild


To listen to Holy Hip Hop Mobile Top 10 at Noon Monday Through Friday on, click/copy/paste the following link in your web-browser:   -- or visit: .


About Holy Hip Hop Mobile:   Holy Hip Hop Mobile specializes in inspirational social media music and entertainment, leveraging a proprietary digital member subscriber network of aficionados of grass roots street ministry 150,000+ strong, growing virally (via word-of-mouth).  For more information on rising independent Ministers of the Gospel advancing the Holy Hip Hop music genre worldwide, please visit: .  To submit music for fan consideration, please send .mp3 files to:

About   Our aim is to offer encouraging and uplifting Christian radio to help visitors strengthen their Christian faith and walk with Christ. We want our radio stations, whether the streaming content is Praise and Worship, Classical, Rock, Southern Gospel, Contemporary, or Talk Radio, to glorify God.
With a desire to support local Christian radio stations, we want to point our visitors towards Christian Teaching Talk Stations and Christian Music Stations in their state from Salem Radio Network. With the ability to stream live radio online, we hope to provide a constant source of spiritual growth and encouragement. For more information and to listen now, please visit: .
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Top 200 Holy Hip Hop Artists

By admin, 2018-04-12


Los Angeles/Atlanta/New York (April 4, 2018) – announced its Official List of Top 200 Holy Hip Hop Pioneers and Ministers of the Gospel over the past 20+ years (1996-2018) advancing the Holy Hip Hop Genre of music worldwide, as follows:

1. Cross Movement

2. Canton Jones

3. T-Bone

4. Pettidee

5. Mr. Del

6. Ambassador

7. Bizzle

8. Corey Red & Precise

9. K-Drama

10. R. Swift

11. Lil Raskull

12. Phanatik

13. D-M.A.U.B.

14. Shai Linne

15. 2Edge

16. Sho Baraka

17. Da Truth

18. Rawsrvnt

19. Tre-9

20. Sevin

21. Sean Slaughter

22. Fro

23. Kambino

24. Sincere Israel

25. J. Kwest

26. Hansoul

27. T-Haddy

28. Datin

29. Brinson

30. Lecrae

31. Trip Lee

32. Urban D

33. Fiti Futuristic

34. Minister Blak

35. Ace Infiniti


37. Dre Murray

38. Buckbarnabas

39. Dice Gamble

40. Ricardo Flo


42. Japhia Life

43. Richie Righteous

44. Elle Roc


46. Fedel

47. Tedashii

48. Cheno Lyfe

49. 2Five

50. Desciple

51. Tha GIM

52. A-1 SWIFT

53. Gospel Gangstaz

54. Eastwood

55. Tragedy

56. This'l

57. GodSunz

58. Mark J

59. Bobby Bishop


61. Sup The Chemist

62. Ricky B. & 4Given

63. Shei Atkins

64. Andy Mineo

65. Tunnel Rats

66. JD Eyebrows

67. Brother Dre

68. Dre Marshall

69. Fros'T

70. D. Reed

71. Zion

72. Son of Jesse

73.  The Priesthood

74. Colcutz

75. Ziklag

76. LA Symphony


78. 116 Clique

79. Mars Ill

80. Flame

81. Rapid Fire

82. M.A.J.O.R.S.

83. Mobigga

84. Breeve Eazy


86. Double

87. True

88. Warriors of The Cross

89. Shamel Shiloh

90. C. Micah

91. Damion Orlando

92. Todd Tense

93. LaToria

94. Infamous

95. IC Jonez

96. Doulos

97. Todd Bangz

98. Shy Da Gifted

99. Kuntrey Wyte & Pyro

100. Tawanna Ross

101. KJ-52

102. NAK Daniels

103. Brody Raw

104. Bruthaz Grimm

105. Light Da Flow Minister

106. K-Bizzy

107. K-Lee

108. Nova 4 Jehovah

109. Dynamic Twins

110. J.A.Z.

111. Dfizzle Mayne

112. Frankie Cutlass

113. Obadiah-1

114. The Clergy

115. Enock

116. Ty Scott

117. Sicily

118. Chozen

119. Blazon

120. Halo & Reign

121. Theory Hazit

122. Metroclus

123. KB

124. Milliyon

125. Cash Hollistah

126. CY

127. Swoope

128. Zeno Suave

129. Canon

130. WayneJTM

131. Rook

132. S.O.

133. Keylin Santana

134. Mr. 217

135. 1KPhew

136. Derek Minor

137. D.O.X.

138. Chris Elijah

139. Scooda

140. Lil Dre

141. Garett Lee

142. Rio24K

143. LANDR

144. Least of All (L.O.A.)

145. Brotha Mario

146. G-Child

147. MC Jin

148. Boy Wonda

149. Suzy Rock

150. Murk

151. Erica Mason

152. Bravo

153. Uncle Reece

154. Nue Breed

155. K-Love

156. HEE-Sun Lee

157. J.A.M. Team

158. Jai Dowdy

159. RevDeep

160. State

161. Shadow

162. Big Prophet

163. Hallel P

164. CJ King

165. Mario Mitchell

166. Hevn Li Angel

167. Prime Minister

168. Erica Cumbo

169. Antonious

170. Martay

171. Mobsters of Light

178. Willie Will

179. The Preachaholicz

180.  The Watchman

181. Sean C. Johnson

182. Jirah

183. Carriers of the Cross

184. F.T.F.

185. BB-Jay

186. Yaves

187. Nuwine

188. O' Dion

189. S.O.G.

190. FireJaws

191. FFOR

192. Quinton Harris

193. Markilo Allen

194. Wingy Danejah

195. TonyWhoa!

196.  Swisaboi

197. JohnThreeSixteen

198. Proverb Newsome

199. The Spiritual Lyricist

200. Sandor

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$1 Radio Ads

By admin, 2018-02-14
$1 Radio Ads

$1 per :30 sec commercial. Reach millions of radio listeners. Promote Your Music Ministry, Business or Organization On Radio, Sell Products or Services 24/7 on the Only Advertising Medium reaching 85% of the population every day: Radio. This once-in-a-life-time special advertising offer is available for a limited time only. Serious inquiries Only. First Come, First Serve Basis.  For more information, email: advertising(at)

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Use To Raise Up To $50,000 To Finance Your Music Production, Ideas, Project, Ministry, etc.

Current Featured Project

Title: My Emergency (Audio and Video) - Inspiration: Nursing Father Back To Health

By: Brandon Robinson

Funds Being Raised: $3500

FaithFundMe Link to View Fundraising:

ATLANTA, GA - (November 16, 2017) - FaithFundMe . com , the world's crowdfunding site for people and projects of faith, is now accepting projects for consideration.  Raise Up To $50,000 To Finance Your Music Production, Apps, Websites, Ideas, Projects, Ministry and more.  FaithFundMe is an alternative to sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter.  FaithFundMe can be used to support projects in the diverse categories and projects, including but not limited to: Business, Art, Mobile, Internet, Sports, (Medical IIllness/Personal Injury), Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Memorials or Funerals, Education, Fashion, Animals & Pets, Film & Video, Food, Disaster Relief, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, Theater, etc.  To sign up for your free FaithFundMe Project Creator account and to get your crowdfunding campaign started today, please go to: www . FaithFundMe . com .

About FaithFundMe . com :

FaithFundMe . com is a crowd-funding platform for facilitating projects and ideas that uplift and inspire worldwide.

    24/7 Email Support
    Set Your Own Deadlines or Goal Requirements
    Funding and Donations Distributed Via Secure PayPal, Once Fundraising Goal is Achieved
    Digital-Friendly Campaigns
    Socially-Responsible Platform

To get your crowdfunding campaign started today, please go to: www . FaithFundMe . com .

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Finance Your Music Production, Ideas, Project, Ministry, etc.

ATLANTA, GA - (November 13, 2017) -, the world's crowdfunding site for people and projects of faith, is now accepting projects for consideration.  FaithFundMe is an alternative to sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter.  FaithFundMe can be used to support projects in the diverse categories and projects, including but not limited to: Business, Art, Mobile, Internet, Sports, (Medical IIllness/Personal Injury), Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Memorials or Funerals, Education, Fashion, Animals & Pets, Film & Video, Food, Disaster Relief, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, Theater, etc.  To sign up for your free FaithFundMe Project Creator account and to get your crowdfunding campaign started today, please go to:

About is a crowd-funding platform for facilitating projects and ideas that uplift and inspire worldwide.

    24/7 Email Support
    Set Your Own Deadlines or Goal Requirements
    Funding and Donations Distributed Via Secure PayPal, Once Fundraising Goal is Achieved
    Digital-Friendly Campaigns
    Socially-Responsible Platform

To get your crowdfunding campaign started today, please go to:

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                      Discovering a Friendship in Jesus

                   by Richard Cox, Author of I, We, Us: A Journey of Personal Growth and Development

Today, many people are looking for a good friend. We encounter situations in our lives when we need someone to “have our back.” When we think of our friends, how many can we really count on? How many friends know 'the real you'? If you are fortunate enough to have a “good friend”, you know how it feels to have someone to count on. Everyone who claims to be your friend may not be a friend, but possibly an acquaintance. Sometimes the misunderstanding about friendship comes from a mixture of good and bad experiences from previous friends. These experiences carry over from one friendship to the next.

In many cases, previous experiences cause a conflict with new friends when they discover you are operating on a different definition of friendship. For example, one friend may feel a friend should lie for another friend at any cost and another friend may feel you shouldn’t lie regardless of the consequences. Take time to ask your friend what is their definition of friendship? Their answer may surprise you.

In my Christian walk, I’ve found a friend in Jesus. You can depend on Jesus to hear and understand your troubles of life. I have learned to develop a personal relationship with Jesus over the years. It takes time for Jesus to become a part of your everyday lifestyle. I have learned to let Jesus live through me daily by seeking His purpose and direction for my life. Many people attend church desiring a closer connection to Jesus. One way to get closer to Jesus is by developing a personal relationship with Him. One may feel inspired by a sermon but later the inspiration fades. You seek not just inspiration from the Word of God but expect a change to occur in your daily life. Change happens when the Word of God is rooted in your heart. The Word of God is rooted in your heart by consistently attending church and Bible study, which quenches your thirst for Jesus.

Take time now and ask yourself: “Do I have a personal relationship with Jesus?” What I mean by personal relationship is do you communicate with Jesus privately one-on-one? You build a confidence in knowing Jesus. You are more aware daily that Jesus will assist you with any problem you may face in life. For example, if you get sick, by having a personal relationship with Jesus your faith is increased to believe He will heal your condition. A personal relationship with Jesus increases your spiritual growth daily by learning more about Him through personal experience. You begin to realize the difference in yourself by maintaining a personal connection with Jesus. The more you develop your relationship with Jesus, the more you trust telling Him all about your hurt, pain, and insecurities. I have learned to cast my burdens on Jesus because He is able to bear them. You will discover Jesus will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed upon Him (Isaiah 26:3).

If you desire to grow closer to Jesus, develop a spiritual appetite to want to know Him. Your hunger to know Him will spark you to seek ways to spend time with Him. The time you set depends on your schedule. Just make time. We learn about Jesus through His Word. You will discover Jesus will fill the lack in your life. He will fill the void in your heart, if you let Him in. Jesus wants a personal relationship with you. His purpose for you is to be a worshipper who communes with Him and is a representative to the world of His love to all.

Developing a relationship with Jesus is like meeting a new friend. A relationship develops over a period of time through shared experiences. By having a personal relationship with Jesus you’ll find:

  • Good Listener - Jesus will listen to all of your problems and concerns in prayer (Psalms 88:2). 2.
  • Dependable - You can depend on Jesus to never leave you nor forsake you (Psalms 27:9). You will find out Jesus will show up for you on time. He will never let you down. 3.
  • Unconditional Love - Jesus loves us so much that He died to forgive us for our sins. Jesus has a peace and love that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). 4.
  • Faithful - Jesus is faithful to perform His promises found in His Word (Isaiah 55:11)

You will find Jesus to be a friend indeed like in one my favorite church hymns which says, “There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus, no not one, no not one.” And then there is, “What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and grieves to bear, what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.”

Take time to consider developing a personal relationship with Jesus. Your Christian journey is a personal one. You’ll discover Jesus will be a friend that will stick closer to you than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

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