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About Shirley Sesler

Shirley Sesler, Inspirational Singer/Songwriter of We Need Your Healing, was released in January 2005. Shirley started playing at 9 years old. Throughout her life, Shirley has always used her gift to help others.

Before retiring in December 2010, for 25 years, she was the musician/director of a 25 voice male/female choir. For the past 8 years she has been the musician/director over a 15 voice male chorus.

Shirley loves to sing and she loves to be a blessing to others. She ministers on different occasion, from a night of revival to weddings.

Shirley is always willing to give her best when it comes to ministering to the people. She always allows the Lord to have its way. Shirley one goal in life is to continue to do the will of God.


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