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Youth are raised in a culture consumed perversion, selfish ambition, and inadequate role models. They are taught that ungodly living is rewarded and that truth is relative.

After graduating Christ for the Nations bible institute Nate and Lauren started NJ Ministries as a way to combat this and to encourage young believers to stand up for their faith.

Nate's emphasis on being a minister rather than an entertainer is not only a breath of fresh air but is also what has taken Nate James through out the Nation traveling to churches, youth groups, and schools. Nate strategically uses rap music an dynamic preaching. He is known for capturing the attention of the younger generation and the hearts of the older through interactive concerts, powerful messages, and heart to minister.

"Our heart is for the young generation. Our mission is to bring a hope and to give truth to a people that so desperately need it. Lauren and I travel to churches, schools, and homes to help build up a generation, and to turn the attention of the older generations to the young people. We use rap music, speaking, and teaching as tools to encourage young believers to rise above their situation and be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our passion and desire is to help lead a generation to an intimate and powerful relationship with Jesus. There is a small group of young men and women around the country and around the world who are rising up to take their authority through Christ and radically change the world through their passion, zeal, and willingness to be used by God. We truly believe that this is a generation that will see a mighty move of God."



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